Monday, 26 July 2010

Doncaster Bouldering..What!?

After a disastrous 2 days trying to find dry rock, me and Brandon thought it was time we headed to Doncaster. We only actually got time to climb 3 new problems, but we had to cut all the overhanging trees/bushes/ivy off, then take anything from the top-outs (alot of mud). Suprisingly it didnt take that long after abit of graft to have the boulders nice and clean, the rock is pretty good quality, to say its limestone, certainly better than the quality of the peak, no grozzles or anything really. I'l need at least another full session to do that, we may have to get Beta Guides in... I know some of the boulders are tiny but man, its in Doncaster! To us from Scunthorpe, will know how it feels to have no rock, tell em Jon!

The Video on Vimeo:

For now though, its all for the 'Into The Light' Project, first we cut all the ivy off that we could reach, then Brandon abseiled in to make it clean and brush up the top out. What we are basically trying to do it climb the prow and then break off into the wall. Right now we dont know if its going to be possible, there is a good hold which you use to get a pinch on the wall with your left, then to the crimp with right, then to the top? I guess we'l see..But, at the moment its looking nails so i just guessed the grade range to how it felt, we might not
actually be able to climb the wall section or lock the crimp to the top, i guess thats apart of it though, not knowing.

Brandon on 'Proper Glory' Font 7b

The Line of 'Into The Light', it doesnt keep to the left really,just straight up the wall, its also aot bigger than it looks, and better quality!

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